About SASA

The Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA) is a not-for-profit international association of scientists, academic institutions, research institutions, government agencies, philanthropists and funding agencies dedicated to building an African scientific knowledge base and advancing the frontiers of science in Africa. We serve to advocate, educate, lead and guide advancement of science on the African continent and in turn link such advancement with the wider global scientific knowledge society. SASA is a premier organization in promoting scientific research in Africa for sustainable social and economic development. The following is its guiding framework:


SASA’s vision is to advance science, improve health, economic and social development on the African continent. SASA seeks to promote continent-wide African innovation and new frontiers of scientific research.


SASA’s mission is to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to scientific research, innovation, and technological advances to support sustainable social and economic development of Africa.


SASA promotes and supports scientific research in seven focus areas:

  1. Agriculture and Fisheries
  2. Economic development
  3. Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math “STEM”)
  4. Energy (Renewable energy and petroleum science) and Environment
  5. Health (Genetics/Genomics, Maternal and Newborn Child Health, Nutrition, and Public Health)
  6. Technology (IT, Mining, and Metallurgy)
  7. Women and Science in Africa


  • Coordinate and disseminate African scientific research advancements for local and international consumption.
  • Mobilize resources to cover funding gaps and resource needs necessary for driving the research agenda in Africa.
  • Convene meetings, trainings, and conferences for knowledge exchange and exposure of African researchers and research.
  • Maintain a high impact SASA Journal for African Researchers.
  • Promote and develop scientific research capacity, projects, and initiatives in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, economic development, STEM education, energy and environment, health, and technology.
  • Facilitate networking, collaborations, and coordination among African researchers in the continent and abroad.
  • Spearhead resourcing of research and collaboration of science in Africa.
  • Build collaborations between African researchers, research institutions, academic institutions, international societies, and African government agencies/ policy institutions.
  • Lead in advocating, educating, and guiding the advancement of science on the African continent and link such advancements with the wider global scientific knowledge society.
  • Conduct knowledge translation to move science research to products for improving social and economic conditions of African people

Key Working Principles

  • Being an agent of change
  • Forging partnerships
  • Championing research centered innovation
  • Promoting science-based research
  • Encouraging evidence-based approaches