August 28, 2021

Dear Prof/Dr

On behalf of the Executive Council of the Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us during the 2021 Annual SASA International Conference to be held jointly with CSIR in Accra, October 28 – November 30, 2021. This Conference will be virtual using the Zoom medium. I would like to invite you to participate as a keynote speaker and as a panelist during any session(s) of your choice. We would be delighted if you would be willing to accept this invitation to participate in SASA’s Annual International Conference.  The Conference has been organized into weekly rolling Sessions slated to run between October 28 to November 28, 2021. The breakdown of the weeks are follows:


Week 1, October 28, 29, 30l

Week 2, November 4, 5, 6

Week 3, November 11,12, 13

Week 4, November 18, 19, 20

Week 5, November 25, 26, 27


We anticipate about 500 international participants and would be delighted to have you speak to our conference attendees on a topic, session and time of your choice within our conference program. Having you address some of the critical issues within (theme) Across Africa in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, would be very valuable, constructive, speak to the overarching purpose of the conference and motivate the spirits of all present from across Africa and beyond.  

Attached are the Conference Flyer and Conference Schedule. The conference schedule is intended as a guideline to help you choose the Topic, Session and date that works best for you. We earnestly hope that you will participate in this event and inspire all present during your presentation. 


Prof Emilio Ovuga, MBChB, M.Med Psychiat, PhD dr. med (KI)

Professor, International Institute of Medicine and Science

Executive President, The Society for the Advancement of Africa (SASA)

Director & CEO, Bomvitae Agro Industries Limited (BAIL)

Tel: (Mob): +256(0)770880330; +256(0)0700899107



Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa Executive Committee

Njoki Wane, Ph.D., University of Toronto, Executive President • Joachim Kapalanga, MD Ph.D. Director Finance, Western University, Alain Fymat, Ph.D., Ph.D., International Institute of Medicine and Science, Chairman, Scientific Committee • Sam Lanfranco, Ph.D., York University, Director, International Relations Vice-President, North America


 Region • Yann A. Meunier, MD, Senior Healthcare Consultant, Director, Medical Sciences and Health • Simon Onywere, PhD, Kenyatta University, Director, Africa Region • Emilio Ovuga, MD, PhD, Vice-President, Africa Region • Francis Akena, PhD, Kabale University, Director, Administration • Ellena Andoniou, University of Toronto, Director, Administration • Morris Komakech, Administrative Manager • Denis Obita, Administrative Manager • Charles Male, Administrative Manager. Suleyman Demi, Ph.D, Vice President West Africa.


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