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Greetings from the African Union Commission

You are invited to the virtual exhibition of 50 most promising education innovations in Africa on 29 September 2021.

These innovations are solving some of the most difficult challenges in the education and training system by enhancing access, delivery and outcomes.

Here are a few of the innovations you will meet:

  • Providing light and data to make learning accessible to disadvantaged students.
  • An interactive STEM remote learning experience designed for rural populations that have no access to internet.
  • supporting youth to select, train in & accelerate their tech careers.
  • Coaching parents and teachers to deliver behaviour therapy and special needs education using mobile technology.
  • A platform providing accessible quality education to schools using gamified content adapted to students’ specific needs.
  • low-cost robotics platforms that enable school learners to master 4IR, Maths and Science skills.
  • A blended learning program for working nannies to get childcare training and/or a diploma in Early childhood development.
  • End to end management of the school system, exams and competitive examinations, ensuring enrolment, payment and deliberation.
  • A feature rich, offline, Learning Management System with a library of teaching and assessment resources.

Register at: https://africanunion.vfairs.com/en/registration

We look forward to your participation.