SASA 2021 Conference:

Abstract Submission Guidelines and Form

Abstract Content

Relevant to one of the seven conference themes, namely:

  • Developing inter-institutions/organizations collaborations
  • Stimulating interdisciplinary private/public collaborative research
  • Assessing external funding impact on research policy and capacity building
  • Enhancing the role of research in economic development
  • Promoting/fostering research leadership
  • Encouraging student and faculty participation in research in Africa
  • Re-evaluating brain drain causes and consequences

Showing scientific innovation:

  • New challenge (showing its origins and causes)
  • New concept (showing its originality)
  • New approach (showing its advantages)
  • New solution(s) (showing downsides and upsides)

Focused on offering solutions to issues, challenges, and problems in Africa
Leading to specific action plans
Leading to the possible publication of a white paper on the topic


Abstract Presentation

  • Times New Roman font, size 12
  • Single space
  • About 250 words
  • 6-7 keywords
  • Proper English language (spelling and grammar)

Abstract Submission Deadline
September 28, 2020