Prof. Jean Robert Nzamushe, Head department of Emergency Surgery, University of Lille (CHU de Lille), France

Dr. Jean Robert Nzamushe was born in 1971 in Lille (France). He made his primary and secondary school in Kinshasa. In 1997, he obtained his diploma of Medical Doctor from The Universty of Sint Luke Belgium (UCL). In 2004, he achieved his specialization as a General and Visceral Surgeon from the same Universty.

From 2004 till 2015, he works as a Visceral Surgeon in the Emergency Surgery Department of University of France (CHU de Lille). He accomplished two Masters: One in biomaterial (University of Lille, 2013) and another in Surgical science (University of Paris-Sud, 2014). His work on short gut proximal syndrom and reinfusion, with the Inserm Clinical Research Unit CIC-IT 807 (Professor Regis Logier) resulted in five patents, some publications, communications in International Congress and many others awards. In 2015, he took the head of the Emergency Surgery Department of University Hospital of Lille (CHU-France) and specially works on mass casualty management in case of terrorist attacks.

Extra Corporeal Enteral prosthesis (ECEP)