Prof. François Xavier Naramabuye, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Professor. Francois Xavier Naramabuye is a full Professor of soil science in the department of Soil Science at the University of Rwanda. He got his first degree in Agriculture-rural engineering from the National University of Rwanda (1999) where he started his academic career. He got his PhD in Applied Environmental soil science from the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal-RSA (2005) where he continued his academic career as a lecturer of soil science. Back to his home University (Rwanda), he started developing postgraduate programs in agroforestry and soil management. 

He is currently coordinating PhD and MSc programmes in soil science and crop science. He is heading a Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Laboratory of soil and Plant Analysis where PhD and MSc students re performing research projects. He has extended his academic and research activities to other universities including: Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), Braunschweig Technical Institute of Science (Germany), Zent Istvan University (Hongary)  and SLU university (Sweden) where he is collaborating in research and PhD supervision.. In 2008, he established and leaded a Centre for Environment Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. He is coordinating and involved in a number of international research projects in the fields of agriculture, water and environment. He has contributed scientifically to the field of soil science by publishing a number of articles. He has coordinated a number of rural development and government programs and projects including: Development and coordination of the Rwanda Land Reform system (2006-7). He has coordinated the national study on development of grouped habitat in the rural area of Rwanda, MINALOC (2009), the development of a program on land management and land administration for Rwanda in collaboration with NIRAS an international Swedish company (2009), the development of a Program for a sustainable rural settlement for Rwanda (2008-9), Soil Health Management in Rwanda for AGRA (2008), the Land Reform Task Force in Rwanda (2006-7), Supervision of various projects from Ministry of Agriculture/RSSP, Conducting a study on Best Practices of irrigation and water harvesting in Rwanda, NBI/EWUAP (2007).


Soil fertility database for a sustainable agriculture planning and land use