Prof. Monique Carnol, University of Liege-Belgium

Monique Carnol is Professor of Ecology at the Department Biology, Ecology, Evolution of the Science Faculty at Liège University (ULg), Belgium. After her Biology studies at ULg, she performed a 3.5 year stay  at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Merlewood Research Station, UK for her doctoral research on « Nitrogen deposition and nitrification in coniferous forests » (PhD, 1997, ULg). She worked on several research contracts and performed a post-doctoral stay at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Centre for Terrestrial Ecology, Heteren, NL, before being appointed as associated professor (2002) and professor (2017) at ULg. She also holds a higher education diploma (DES) in University and High School Pedagogy (2008, ULg). Her group investigates the role of soil microorganisms in terrestrial ecosystem functioning, within topics such as management impacts, soil quality, cave microbiology, catchment biogeochemitry, tree species impacts, climate change, molecular microbial diversity, and biodiversity-ecosystem functioning. A recent cooperation project with Rwanda triggered her curiosity on African ecosystem functioning. She teaches soil ecology and microbiology, global carbon cycle and climate change, and scientific communication. She is the head of the Laboratory of Plant and Microbial ecology (Research unit InBioS, ULg).


Soil biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning