Prof. Beth Kaplin, Center of Excellence in Biodiversity & Natl Res Management, University of Rwanda

Professor Beth Kaplin is trained as a wildlife biologist, ecologist and conservation scientist and has published numerous articles and book chapters on tropical ecology, seed dispersal, and primate ecology and conservation.  She is a Professor at University of Rwanda (UR) where she teaches and mentors BSc, MSc and PhD students in the Biology Department,  School of Science, College of Science & Technology.  She is on leave from the Environmental Studies Department at Antioch University New England (AUNE), USA where she has supervised MSc and PhD students for the last  18 years.  She is founding director of the Center for Tropical Ecology & Conservation at AUNE which trains future leaders in research and conservation of tropical landscapes. 

From 2006 to 2015, Dr. Kaplin received funding from the MacArthur Foundation to develop BSc conservation science programs at UR, and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management.  She also created the Regional Network for Conservation Educators in the Albertine Rift to support conservation in the region (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, and Uganda) especially within HLIs.   She was appointed Acting Director of the newly forming Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management at UR in 2016.  The mission of this Center is to coordinate knowledge and research on biodiversity and resource management in Rwanda and the region.  She is active in the global Society for Conservation Biology and the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, member of the Board for the Albertine Rift Conservation Society, and Associate Editor for the journal Biotropica. She maintains an active research program on forest ecological processes, primate ecology and conservation, protected areas conservation and management, and human-wildlife interactions in tropical forests, especially in Rwanda.


Wildlife biodiversity and Conservation