Prof. Alain L. Fymat, International Institute of Medicine and Science

Alain L. Fymat, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, PhD

Dr. Alain L. Fymat is the current President/CEO and Professor at the International Institute of Medicine and Science with a previous appointment as Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Professor at the Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine, both Institutes located in Rancho Mirage, California, USA. He was formerly Professor of Radiology, Radiological Sciences, Radiation Medicine (Oncology), and Physics at several U.S. and European Universities (University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Loma Linda University, California; University of Lille, France). Previously, he was Deputy Director (Western Region) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration (Office of Research Oversight), and Director of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center and for a time Acting Chair of Radiology at its Loma Linda, California Medical Center.

In an earlier research career, at the California Institute of Technology (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a NASA contractor), he was actively engaged in atmospheric sciences, environment,  climatology, and space exploration. He was an investigator in several experiments within the U.S. Earth and space exploration program. He was an Advisor to the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences for its post-doctoral programs tenable at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His industrial experience was with the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative (Ballistic Missile Defense Program) researching and designing atmospheric probes and electromagnetic sensors operating in stressful nuclear environments.

Dr. Fymat’s current research interests lie at the interface between science and medicine (particularly molecular medicine, nanomedicine, and human genetics/epigenetics/ecogenetics). He has extensively published (in excess of 300 publications including patents, books & monographs, book chapters, refereed articles). He has received numerous research grants from government, academia and private industry, and has consulted extensively with these entities. He is a current Editor of the “Journal of Nanobiotechnology” (an international open journal of PubMed). He is a Board member of several institutions including (Chair: Medical & Technical Advisory Board of Janus Medical Systems Pte, Ltd,  Singapore, that develops breakthrough electronic personal and hospital medical records; Health Advisor: American Heart & Stroke Association, Coachella Valley Division).

With interest in Africa, Dr. Fymat is also associated with the Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa-SASA (Vice Chair; Member, Executive Council; Director, Scientific Directorate; Chair, Scientific Committee; Chair: 2013 Program, Polokwane, South Africa; Chair: 2014 Program, Kampala, Uganda, Chair: 2015 Program, Toronto, Canada).

Radiology, Radiological Sciences, Radiation Medicine (Oncology), Critical Care, Physics and Research